How do I configure my organization?

Describes how to configure an organizations settings.


You can configure your organization's settings in the dashboard.

General Settings

Enable Questions for all Users

This setting simply toggles whether or not questions are sent to all users. Enable this to send questions to all users according to your question frequency setting.

If this setting is disabled, you can manually enable questions for individual users in the users area of the dashboard.

Frequency of Questions

This setting allows you to configure how often questions are sent to users in your organization.

  • Daily
    • Questions are sent on a daily basis to users, Monday through Friday.
  • Bi-Daily
    • Questions are sent to users on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


This setting allows you to change the default language used by your organization.

Currently, this will only affect the questions sent to your users, and the dashboard will remain in English. Localising the dashboard will be included in a future release.

When changing the default language of your organization, any user whose language is set to the previous language of the organization will be updated to use the new language.

For example, if the organization's language is English, and all users are set to English, and you change the organization's language to Polish, all users will be updated to use Polish. In the same scenario, if one of your users is set to Spanish, then their language will remain Spanish.

Time to Send Questions

This setting allows you to configure the time of day that questions are sent to your users.

We always send questions according to the user's timezone, so changing this to be 14:00 will mean that each user receives their questions at 2 PM in their local time.